Schreiner University New Student Orientation

During the summer, New Schreiner University students are required to attend an orientation (Mountaineer Days). Orientation is for incoming freshmen and transfer students. 

Schreiner University New Student Orientation (Mountaineer Days) will be offered:

  • July 19th-20th, 2024: Mountaineer Days 3 (Mountaineer Days is an overnight experience for students, family members will need to make arrangements for lodging off campus).
  • Freshmen Orientation at Move in, August 21st (All incoming Freshmen students move-in for the school year on this day. This orientation is for incoming freshmen who are not able to attend Mountaineer Days 3).
  • Late Registration Orientation on August 23rd (This orientation is for students who have not attended an orientation, and for freshmen who have not moved in).

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