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Schreiner ONE groups are not to be confused with student groups.  All Schreiner ONE groups must have a Schreiner University staff or faculty member as one of the leaders.  If you are a student interested in joining or creating a campus group or organization please go to the Paws Portal.

By creating or joining a group within Schreiner ONE, you agree to be guided by the Schreiner University mission statement. In addition, you agree to adhere to the university’s Responsible Computing policy and the university’s code of conduct.  The views expressed in Schreiner ONE groups are strictly those of the authors and may not necessarily reflect the position of Schreiner University.

The directory of Schreiner ONE groups lists both officially recognized organizations and other interest groups that have been approved to have a digital presence on the Schreiner ONE web portal.  Technology staff members review requests for new groups.



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If you are a Schreiner One Group leader, here's your Getting Started guide for managing your group site.
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